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NeuroTrainer Update, Aug 24, 2023: Custom Priming

Follow these steps to install the update.

August 24, 2023, Updated to Version 5310

Today, the NeuroTrainer app had an update, which you can read about here. In short, players now have access to customized priming modules, shorter LockedIn priming sessions, and an improved GUST Tutorial.

For most users, updating the app is done automatically.

You should see a small blue dot next to your NeuroTrainer app. 

Just go ahead and click the app with the blue dot and it should load normally with the new build. You're ready to prime! 

To check to see if the app downloaded correctly: 

If the app has been downloaded correctly, you should see a gear icon in the upper left of the app. 
The build number should say 5310.

Don't see the dot, or the updated build number?

Follow these steps to update your NeuroTrainer app to latest version, 5310: 
1. Restart your headset. 
2. Give it 10 minutes or so, then log back into NeuroTrainer. 
3. Click the gear icon in top left and look for Version 5310

Tried restarting your headset and still don't see it?

1. Click on the App Library icon on the right hand side of the app tray.
2. Click in the Search box
3. Open the Drop Down that shows All
4. If the Updates option has a number > 0, click on that.
5. Choose the Neurotrainer icon and say yes to Update.

If that still doesn't work, give it an hour or two, then log in. It may just need some extra time. 

If it's still not working, please email support@neurotrainer.com with your name and team, and we'll help it get installed for you. 

Happy priming! 

The NeuroTrainer Team